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Nutritional Information: Fairfield CT

Nutritional Information Fairfield CTNutritionists Hold the Answers to Your Health Related Questions

The stomach has an incredibly complex nervous system, so much that it is sometimes referred to as the "second brain". With this in mind, we must remember that there is a definite connection between well being and the food we choose to eat. Some of us may have no idea where to start on the path to eating wholesome, nutritious foods with all the misleading nutritional information currently on the market. Some of us may have health problems that require a modified or restricted diet, and may need help in meal planning. Some of us may be ill, and are in want of information regarding healing and the foods we eat. This is where a nutritionist is so important - to help you clarify the connection between food and health.

Choosing to visit a nutritionist can be a life changing experience. Food is a very personal issue, and may affect us in ways we don't recognize. A nutritionist will take a full blood panel and do other diagnostic tests to evaluate and assess health problems and consult with the patient on the correct foods to consume in order to avoid, correct, or heal health problems. Nutritionists are trained to advise on food related health issues, and are there to help us in choosing the diet and supplement protocol based on sound nutritional information that is right for us. Call us today if you live in Fairfield CT, Westport, Trumbull or the surrounding areas so we can help you with your health needs.