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Nutrition Facts Coach: Fairfield CT

Nutrition Facts Coach Fairfield CTThe Importance of Knowing the Nutritional Facts About Foods

Essential nutrients help to keep bodies strong and healthy, but many people are uneducated about what nutrients are in the foods they’re eating. Knowing the nutrition facts about foods is very important when it comes to maintaining your health, and can sometimes help you lose weight or even solve medical issues. A nutrition facts coach can guide you through the maze of confusion regarding your specific needs

All foods contain different nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and also have different calorie amounts, as well as different sodium, sugar, fiber and fat contents. The human body requires some nutrients, such as vitamin D, fiber, iron and calcium, in order to function properly. To know whether you’re getting the right doses of these nutrients, you must know what’s in your food. In addition, it’s important to keep your calorie, sodium, sugar and fat intake balanced. Measuring how many calories you consume, as well as how much sodium, protein, sugar and fat you are ingesting, can help you maintain a proper weight. It can also help to keep cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar in check.

Each person’s body is different, and each individual has different nutritional needs. For this reason, it can often be very helpful to confer with a professional nutritionist, who can act as a nutrition facts coach for you. Nutritionists can help you understand the nutrients in the foods you’re eating, and can also suggest a healthy diet. Call us today if you live in Fairfield CT, Westport, Trumbull or the surrounding areas so we can help you with your nutrition facts questions!