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Natural Remedies: Fairfield CT

Natural Remedies Fairfield CTPrescription Medications Only Treat Symptoms

Modern prescription medications seek to treat the symptoms of illness. While they may alleviate these symptoms in the short term, they will also upset the biochemical and physiological balance of the body. The result of this imbalance is more illness, with further symptoms, so more medication is prescribed. Before long, regular consumption of multiple medications to treat ever-increasing symptoms will cause the body to have a high level of toxicity. At that point, the patient is on a downward spiral of degenerating health.

Natural Remedies Safely Treat the Whole Body

Unlike prescription medications, natural remedies do not just treat symptoms. Safely used for thousands of years, natural remedies seek out and treat the root causes of illnesses. Used by those health professionals in the field of natural medicine, the application of natural remedies first involves determining a patient's biochemical and physiological weaknesses. These determinations are accomplished with blood analysis, enzyme analysis or other diagnostic testing.

The Role of a Nutritionist in Total Body Health

Well-versed on the connection between health and diet, a clinical nutritionist seeks to use nutrition as natural remedies. Through diagnostic testing, a nutritionist will uncover deficiencies, allergies or toxicities that contribute to illness. Then, based on individual diagnostic findings, a nutritionist will make dietary recommendations that are designed to bring the body back to health.